[dns-stats-users] Hedgehog 2.0.0b2 release

Sara Dickinson sara at sinodun.com
Tue May 5 16:56:18 UTC 2015

Hi All, 

We are pleased to announce that the 2.0.0b2 release of Hedgehog is now available for testing at http://dns-stats.org/ <http://dns-stats.org/>

Download:                   https://github.com/dns-stats/hedgehog/archive/2.0.0b2.tar.gz <https://github.com/dns-stats/hedgehog/archive/2.0.0b2.tar.gz>
SHA-256 checksum:   b6fe42e661524472999d7f8251ff315c74be57fe5eef0464aef0a60664ebd741

Documentation:           https://github.com/dns-stats/hedgehog/wiki/Documentation <https://github.com/dns-stats/hedgehog/wiki/Documentation>

* Support for Vagrant Provisioning (thanks melalj)
* Various installation changes to support packaging (thanks arhbkb)
* Changed the yaml parsing to use the Perl YAML::Tiny library
* Changed the default_interactive_plot_type to svg (instead of flash)
* Static Traffic Volume plot is now faceted by Transport vs IP version
* Traffic Query/Response Difference plots added (requires R package dplyr)
* RPostgreSQLHelper installed as separate package. This requires running
 'make install ; make install-rpg' on installation now.
* Added vertical axis labels to googlevis line charts
* Added node_id index to data tables
* Added support for connecting to a remote database and password support
* Fixed color palette in annotated charts
* Work around for bug: mages/googleVis#14
* Improved old xml tar script
* Improvements to database creation and upgrade scripts


Hedgehog Team
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