[dns-stats-users] Hedgehog 2.1.0b2 - Daurian release of dns-stats presenter

Sara Dickinson sara at sinodun.com
Fri Apr 22 10:05:00 UTC 2016

Hi All, 

After initial beta testing with ICANN we are please to announce the 2.1.0b2 release of Hedgehog, the dns-stats presenter, is now available for testing. 

Some things to note:

* We recommend this beta is used for testing only, not production.
* The 2.1 release of Hedgehog is codenamed ‘Daurian’, a subspecies of hedgehog. 2.2 will be the ‘Bare-bellied’ release. 
* As of 2.1 debian packages are now available from ppa:dns-stats/presenter. Please see the documentation at
  for how to upgrade from an existing 2.0 install using packages. Testing of this upgrade path is encouraged. 
* Installation from source is still supported in this release but users are encouraged to migrate to using packages. 

Download:                   https://github.com/dns-stats/hedgehog/archive/2.1.0b2.tar.gz <https://github.com/dns-stats/hedgehog/archive/2.1.0b2.tar.gz>
SHA-256 checksum:   27fa22ec57ca3f05e1793baed1844b8d494d6514ab21031f322a3dd964a56313
Documentation:           https://github.com/dns-stats/hedgehog/wiki/Documentation <https://github.com/dns-stats/hedgehog/wiki/Documentation>


* Packages available from ppa:dns-stats/presenter
* Added new graphs for different types of TLD (QTYPE and RCODE for most popular TLD). Some support for displaying IDN in their unicode glyphs.
* Added new graph to display Geo-locations of querying subnets and nodes
* Added new graphs to display query sources as BGP prefixes or ASN
* Added new graphs to group nodes by Country/City/Instance
* Added new graph to display Destination Address vs Query rate
* Added option to group nodes in selection tab by Country/City/Instance (specified in nodes.csv) and config option for default choice.
* Added rssacd demon to collect rssac load-time and zone-size data. Requires management IP Address of node to be specified in nodes.csv
* Added GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from http://www.maxmind.com <http://www.maxmind.com/>
* Added static link URI to provide access to raw plot files
* Updated database_update_nodes script to support new fields.
* Multiple remote Web front ends now supported
* New config option to customise 'Support' link on Web page
* Ensure output format consistent with latest RSSAC02 specs

Maintenance/Bug fixes:

* Improve DB performance by adding further indexes
* Change to rssac scripts. Processing of unique_sources data now done by 'database_process_rssac_data' script which must be explicitly called.
* check_user_perms script now does all user checks, check db access and data dir. access. Used in new database_update_nodes will gradually be used by all tools.
* Improved chart sizes, font sizes and data ordering in some graphs
* Significant enhancements to installation and management scripts and configuration files.
* Fixed appearance of gvis column chart vAxis
* Fixed error in rssac reports where ".root-servers.org <http://root-servers.org/>" was used instead of ".root-servers.net <http://root-servers.net/>”.

We plan a release candidate in early May.


dns-stats team

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