[dns-stats-users] Hedgehog 2.1.0rc2 - Daurian release candidate of dns-stats presenter

Sara Dickinson sara at sinodun.com
Fri May 20 11:16:17 UTC 2016

Hi All, 

A few minor issues were uncovered in the rc1 release, so we have made 2.1.0rc2 available 

Download:                   https://github.com/dns-stats/hedgehog/archive/2.1.0rc2.tar.gz <https://github.com/dns-stats/hedgehog/archive/2.1.0rc2.tar.gz>
SHA-256 checksum:   1dc072d8b83a15df61d5e2b2e6b5bdb222fbb3182e9eb7810de425e8424093a4
Documentation:           https://github.com/dns-stats/hedgehog/wiki/Documentation <https://github.com/dns-stats/hedgehog/wiki/Documentation>

* Add default server for drop down as a config option
* Fix alphabetical sorting of Country/City/Instance in node tab
* Fix detection of correct user when running from cron jobs

We now plan a production release during the week starting 30th May. 


dns-stats team

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